The Port

The Port is the members only area which you can access if you are a Moshi Member ($5.99 a month in the USA). It's a busy place with lots of animated creatures but honestly there aren't a ton of new places to go to if you are a non-member and curious what it contains.

Babs Boutique is a new shop with mostly rare collectibles
The Super Seeds seed cart is similar to the seed cart on Main Street except it features two new seeds you can't get there - the Snap Apple and the Crazy Daisy.
Colorama is where you can get all sorts of new color combinations for your monster (100 ROX to do so).

Another aspect to the Port is that there are a number of trees that you can shake to get random amounts of ROX (anywhere from 5 to 200). You can shake the trees a few times a week until they run out. They reset themselves on Mondays.

And then there are the usual shortcuts to various other areas of the site.

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