Sludge Street

Sludge Street isn't as busy as Main Street but it's a happening place in its own right.

Scrolling from far left to far right, here is what you'll find on Sludge Street…

  • the shed that is rocking back and forth is a shortcut to the cave
  • Monstro City Market Place, six different clothing stores where you buy new clothes for your monster (depending on whether it's a Poppet, Furi, Zommer, Luvli, Diavlo or Katsuma)
  • Horrods, a place for more unusual house decorations
  • DIYS, more stuff for home, including wallpaper and floors
  • Games Starcade (new site addition Jan. 2010). Moshi members can buy an arcade game for their room that anyone can play. Only members however can purchase the games. The first four games available for purchase are Octo's Eco Adventure (700 ROX), Bug's Big Bounce (500), Sea Monster Munch (850) and the Downhill Dash (950).
  • and Dodgy Deals, where a dodgy Octopus will buy back your unwanted items at prices ranging from 10 pct of the original purchase price up to 100 pct.

There also are short-cuts to other part of the site and actual users who you see walking along the street. If you click on another user, you'll see their stats and house.

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