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A Guide To Monstro City

Once you have created your monster you are taken to your new house (the red house in the middle of the map below). For now it's a basic one-story house without any furnishings (except for your welcome to the site gift which is a shelf). It won't take very long to fill up your house with furniture, toys and assorted decorations (some of which are animated). You can also get different styles of houses if you are a Moshi Member and have enough ROX.

The basic room has five icons to keep track of…

  • A Pinboard where you can send messages to friends. Messages must be approved and you can report any messages if you don't like the content.
  • A Gift Room which stores gift you have received from other members. You receive one gift upon signing up. After that, Moshi Members can send you gifts that they buy at Gift Island.
  • The Puzzle Button which provides a link to the Daily Challenge (a compilation of the various site puzzles - on average you'll get between 70 and 130 ROX for doing that puzzle once a day) and the Hall of Puzzles link which connects you to the 35 different educational puzzles on the site. Some of those puzzles are available right away - others unlock as you advance in levels.
  • The Zoo Door which shows you your Moshling collection. You can have up to 2 Moshlings in your house as a non-member (6 if you are a member). After that your extra Moshlings (your monster's pets) have to be stored in the Zoo. The Zoo is only available if you are a member.
  • The Friend Tree which has all of your friends (just like the pinboard, friends must be approved once you receive a friend request). You can have up to 500 friends as a non-member and 10,000 friends if you are a member.

Directly to the left of your home on the map is a smaller house called the Dress Up Room, a room where you can try on various clothes that you can purchase at the marketplace on Sludge Street. Below your home and the dress up room is your garden where you plant seeds and attract moshlings.

Besides those three spots in the middle, there are basically six areas to explore in Moshi Land - some are available only for members. There also appears to be areas which haven't been built yet but are reserved for further site expansion. They are as follows…

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