Puzzle Palace

You can get to the Puzzle Palace one of two ways - either by clicking the puzzle button in your house or by clicking the Puzzle Palace at the far north of the site map (to the left of the volcano). The Puzzle Palace consists of the Daily Challenge and the Hall of Puzzles, which consists of 35 various educational puzzles.

The Daily Challenge can be played once a day and is a compilation of various puzzles from the Hall of Puzzles. You can get anywhere from about 70 to 130 ROX by playing this challenge.

The Hall of Puzzles can be played as much as you want. You get 5 ROX for playing each puzzle but you can play the puzzles as much as you want if you want to try to improve your top score or average score (but you won't receive any ROX once you get the 5 for playing that one game). There are 19 puzzle games you see right away and an additional 16 which unlock as you gain levels for your monster. The games are as follows…

  • Bubble Trouble — You see a grid of 3x3 colored dots and you are asked which color dot is not touching the colored dot in question (such as 'which color is not touching the red dot?'). After awhile, the grids increase in size to 4x4. Not the most exciting game really, one thing to keep in mind is that they are asking which dots are touching either across or up and down, but not diagonally. Difficulty Factor (1 to 5 scale) - 4. Enjoyment Factor (1 to 5 scale) - 3.
  • Color Chaos — You are given a list of colors and you have to figure out which color is not correct (like it will say red but it's actually colored black or purple). The game starts out with 4 and then increases to 5 and 6 on the list. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Eyes Spy — Pretty simple but fun nevertheless. You see a collection of eyes and have to count them. At first the eyes are in a 3x3 grid and it's easy to count them but after awhile, they are thrown about the page in different patterns. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Word Cross — A crossword-type puzzle game where you have to fill in the missing letter to create two words. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Tricky Trivia — As advertised, these are some very difficult trivia questions. Good educational game but this one isn't easy - at all. Difficulty Factor - 5. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Jigsaw Jam — You see various jigsaw pieces and have to figure out which one of the four colored pieces below is the same. At first they're the same but after awhile, the piece on top is rotated to a different angle. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Time Tangle — A good way to teach young children to tell time, this game is basically where you have to figure out what time it is on the clock. Pretty straight-forward right away, but like all games, it gets tougher as you progress as the clocks begin to rotate around. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Shape Shake — You see a grid of different colors and shapes and you have to count how many you see of a certain style. Right away it just asks you how many you see of one color but eventually you have to count just specific shapes and then you have to add two colors together to figure the answer. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Line Dance — "How many lines do you see?" That sounds simple enough but this game is harder than it looks, and more fun than you might expect Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Flag Frenzy — One of the tougher games - you see a country's flag and have to identify it. It's a good educational game and will help you get used to certain countries' flags, but the game starts throwing in some very obscure countries after awhile. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Secret Word — Similar to Word Cross in a way - in this one you see a grid of 3x3 letters (later 4x4) and you have to spot the secret word. It's not that hard in the smaller grids but gets tougher when the grid increases in size. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Math Mash — One of the better educational games, this one is simple (at first) math equations that are either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions. A good way to learn math and earn ROX at the same time. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Master of Moshi — You are shown some of the various graphics in the game (moshling pets, furniture, decorations, etc.) and have to either identify them or figure out something from the picture. Not as easy as you might think unless you're a Moshi expert of the highest level. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Spelling Spree — A spelling game that gets pretty difficult over time. Even at the beginning, this one is tough on the littler players. Plus it asks for the spelling of a word but sometimes there are two words spelled correctly so it can be tough figuring out what word they're looking for. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Moshi Multiply — Similar to Math Mash but multiplication questions only. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 2.
  • Alphabet Soup — You are given a grid of 5x5 letters which features 25 letters total and you have to figure out which letter is missing. Not that hard right away when the letters are in order but it gets a lot tougher when the letters are scrambled about. Difficulty Factor - 3/4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Next Number — Good pattern puzzler. You are given a series of numbers and have to figure out what number comes next. Even in the beginning this one can be tough for the littlest kids but it should be one they enjoy. The patterns obviously become tougher as you progress. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Word Warp — Tough one. You have to determine another word that means the same as the word shown. But the words can often have more than one type of meaning and later on, you're given some difficult words to begin with. Not for the younger players. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.

Locked Puzzles (click to read about the puzzles you can unlock with new levels)

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