Ooh La Lane

Ooh La Lane is a little smaller street than Main and Sludge but it too has some places worth checking out. Some of it (such as Gabby's Cafe, and the Guggenheim Art Gallery) appear to be future site additions.

On the far left is a help desk which is a link to the site's FAQ page.

The Moshi Store existed previously but they added it to this street in Jan. 2010. It's a link to an exterior web site called zazzle.com where you can buy items (with real money) that feature some of the Moshi Monsters graphics. You can buy t-shirts, buttons, mouse pads, mugs, etc. with various MM graphics on them.

Ice Scream is one of the more fun and addicting games on the site.

The Print Workshop is a new site addition (Jan. 2010). When you enter it, you are given the option to print your moshi trading card. By clicking on the card, you can print either a poster or trading card of your monster with its latest stats. It shows the latest level, number of friends, visits, gifts, friends and number of moshlings, among other things. The poster is a larger version and the trading cards are six smaller wallet-size pictures of your monster. It is free to do for members or non-members alike.

New Houses is where you can either get a new style for your house or build on to your existing house. The default house you're given is the Moshi Style cottage. A basic cottage is 400 ROX (but you're given it free when you sign up). You can also get a Tree House (for 1400 ROX), a Skyscraper (for 1000), a Princess Castle (for 1600), a Haunted House (new Jan. 2010, for 1100) or a Mountain House (new Jan. 2010, for 1700). All of the various styles can be built up as you build up your ROX inventory.

Unfortunately you do need to be a Moshi Member to purchase the three new styles and add additional floors to your house. There is a limit of five floors total. The 2nd floor costs 350 ROX regardless of the style, the 3rd floor costs 2000 ROX and the 4th floor costs 8000 ROX (note the price can change a bit depending on the style but in general that's about your cost for adding new floors).

Another new site addition in Jan. 2010 now lists the floor of your home when you are on it.

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