More Moshling Codes
Rare Moshling Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
050 Pooky red moon purple magic red magic
052 Coolio pink apple yellow star black love
053 Fumble red, purple star yellow love yellow magic
054 Flumpy black moon red magic red star
056 Mr. Snoodle yellow dragon purple pepper yellow pepper
057 Honey red, blue magic yellow love blue apple
059 Hansel blue, purple dragon black magic black moon
060 Ecto red love black love pink, blue, yellow pepper
065 Tiki red, purple star pink love red love
071 Peppy Penguin blue moon yellow magic red moon
071 or black moon purple moon yellow magic
072 Cali blue love pink, purple magic yellow love
073 Jeepers pink love red, pink daisy blue apple
073 or black love red, pink daisy blue apple
074 Prof. Purplex red, blue, yellow dragon pink love yellow moon
Ultra Rare Moshling Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
077 Waldo pink love purple, black dragon red star
078 Burnie red apple red apple blue daisy
079 Gigi blue pepper red moon yellow pepper
082 General Fuzukie yellow love purple star red pepper
083 Gurgle red dragon yellow magic purple love
087 ShiShi black daisy yellow pepper red dragon
088 Oddie yellow star black star purple, blue star
089 Big Bad Bill yellow love black star blue star
091 Cutie Pie pink star purple daisy blue dragon
091 or red apple pink daisy pink daisy
100 Iggy purple daisy purple daisy black moon
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