Moshlings are small animated pets for your monster that you grow and cultivate at the Moshling Garden (a small garden in front of your house that you can get to by going to the site map).

Here's how it works. There are two seed carts where you can buy seeds for the garden. The Moshling Seed cart is on Main Street and has six types of seeds you can buy for 15 ROX apiece (Dragon Fruit, Hot Silly Peppers, Love Berries, Magic Beans, Moon Orchid, and Star Blossom). If you are a Moshi member, you can go to the Super Seeds cart at the Port and get the six seed varieties above plus two ones exclusive for Port members - Crazy Daisy and Snap Apple.

You plant your seeds in your garden and about a day later, they sprout. Sometimes they work as advertised - plant Dragon Fruit and you get a beautiful Dragon Fruit plant. Other times, the plant becomes a ROX flower instead. While that won't help attract Moshlings, at least you can dig it up and make a little profit on your 15 ROX investment. And try again.

The chart below lists the combinations needed to attract one of the 40 different Moshlings. Some are easy to get and it doesn't matter what color plant comes out of the ground. SOME, however, are a little tougher to get because they require a specific color plant. When you plant a Moon Orchid, you don't know for sure what color orchid you'll get - yellow, blue, black, red, etc. The rarer Moshlings listed below require a specific color plant. So it may require numerous tries before you get the right color combination and the Moshling of your dreams.

Keep in mind that there are more than one possible combination to attract a Moshling. If the table doesn't specify a color, the Moshling will be attracted to any type of plant. If a certain color is needed, the table tells you what kind you need. We also don't believe the order listed below matters. As long as your three seeds produce the combinations listed below (in any order), your moshling should appear.

Common Moshling Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
002 Chop-Chop dragon dragon dragon
003 Ginger Snap magic love pepper
008 Squidge star pepper dragon
010 Snookums star star star
013 DJ Quack dragon moon star
018 Stanley love love dragon
020 Purdy dragon moon dragon
023 Humphrey daisy magic pepper
024 Angel magic pepper pepper
Uncommon Moshling Name Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3
027 Kissy black or red star purple star yellow magic
027 or purple star blue or yellow star red, purple, yellow, black magic
030 Lady Meowford blue moon pink moon yellow, purple, black star
030 or yellow moon blue moon blue star
030 or blue moon blue moon purple star
034 Dipsy red, pink, blue moon black, yellow moon yellow love
039 Shelby blue dragon black dragon yellow, blue, purple magic
040 Doris moon (any but blue) moon (any but blue) moon (any but blue)
043 Blurp purple moon pink love black love or blue moon
047 Sooki-Yaki purple pepper red magic yellow magic
047 or red magic yellow, purple magic black pepper
048 Priscilla yellow apple red moon blue moon

moshlings2 (click to see the rare and ultra rare moshling codes)

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