Okay you explored the basic parts of Moshi Monsters from top to bottom but you're curious what you get if you are a Moshi Member. How much does it cost and what do you get?

We'll tell you what you need to know.

For $5.95 a month (in the USA and World; 4.95 Euros a month in Europe), you can sign up to be a member. You can sign up here

These may not be all the benefits but the most important ones at least…

  • Access to The Port, an exclusive area for members only. For now the Port isn't that big of a place but it may expand in the future.
  • A Moshi Passport, which you can hang in your room. Additionally when friends visit your house, they'll see a cool billboard announcing to everyone that you are a Moshi Member.
  • The passport allows you access to the Underground Disco, an addicting 'Guitar Hero' type game that can earn you a lot of extra ROX each day. Without the passport you can't get by the bouncer at the Disco (which is at the far right of the Port but also can be accessed through short-cuts in other areas).
  • At the Colorama, you can change your Moshi Monster into literally billions of color combinations. You are allowed the ability to change the color of your skin, hair and body via a color wheel and brightness control device (there also appears to be a fourth color to change possibly coming in the future). It does cost 100 ROX each time you change your colors.
  • The Super Seed cart in the Port gives you the ability to buy two new types of seeds (Crazy Daisy and Snap Apples) to attract Moshlings. Like the main six seeds, they are all 15 ROX apiece.
  • Speaking of Moshlings, membership gives you a Zoo, which allows you to store all 40 of your Moshlings (if you are lucky enough to attract that many). Without membership, you can only have two Moshlings total. As a member, you can have six in your house and the rest are housed in your zoo. Membership doesn't tell you how to attract the Moshlings (but go here for help in that area).
  • Membership also will increase the number of Friends you can have. You can have up to 500 friends as a non-member and 10,000 friends if you are a member.
  • In the Port, you can shake trees to earn a few ROX. Every Monday the trees re-set and you can earn between 1 and 200 ROX just by shaking them. You're allowed to do that a few times until the trees go barren for the week.
  • Finally, membership gives you access to Gift Island, where you can send animated movies to friends. They're not free but they are pretty neat and people love getting them (even if you're sliming them).
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