Main Street

Main Street has everything your monster needs to be happy and healthy.

Scrolling from far left to far right, here is what you'll find on Main Street…

  • a bridge to the Port (Members Only area)
  • Flutterby Field, a game in which you can earn ROX
  • The Gross-Ery Store, where you can stock up on food supplies
  • The Moshling Seeds Cart, which sells the six basic seed varieties
  • Yukea, with the latest and greatest furniture for your house (everything from windows and doors, to wallpaper, floors, and furniture)
  • Bizarre Bazaar, a slightly more eclectic furniture shop
  • En-Gen, another ROX-earning game
  • and the Daily Growl, which is the web site's daily newspaper

There also are short-cuts to other part of the site and actual users who you see walking along the street. If you click on another user, you'll see their stats and house.

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