Locked Puzzles

These puzzles unlock as you make new levels.

  • Monster Maze (unlocked at level 2) — Fun game, especially for those who like mazes. You have to figure out the path that the monster can use to escape. As the mazes get bigger and bigger, this can be a tough one Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Scare Squares (unlocked at level 3) — How many squares are there? Simple, count the squares and type in the answer. Until they start throwing in more squares and rectangles instead of squares. Ugh. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Chock-A-Block (unlocked at level 4) — Similar to Eyes Spy but in this one you count blocks instead of eyes. Not that hard even when they start stacking blocks on top of each other. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Word Mash (unlocked at level 5) — Our least favorite game. You're given three letter words that are jumbled on top of each other and have to identify the word. The game is hard on the eyes and hard on the head. Stay away from this one is our recommendation.Difficulty Factor - 5. Enjoyment Factor - 2.
  • Sneaky Snakes (unlocked at level 6) — Another tough one but at least this one is more fun than Word Mash. You have to figure out which of the four red lines is the longest. It's tough even when the lines are short. When the lines get longer and the grids get bigger, it's near impossible.Difficulty Factor - 5. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • The Red Square (unlocked at level 7) — Similar to Math Mash but instead of figuring out the answer to a math question, you have to fill in what's missing (the plus sign, minus sign, multiply sign or division sign). Not that tough early on if you're good in math but later on, the problems increase in size (with two numbers on each side of the question) so it becomes tougher and more fun.Difficulty Factor - 3/4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Block Party (unlocked at level 8) — Somewhat tedious game but not a bad one either. You have to help your monster navigate through a block city. It's a good game to teach the kids directions. Once your directions become three-fold, it's a slow one to figure out. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Letter Count (unlocked at level 9) — You need to count how many times a certain letter appears in a word (or words as you progress in the game). Yawn. Difficulty Factor - 3. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
  • Super Scramble (unlocked at level 10) — You see a series of scrambled letters sprinkled about on the page and have to figure out what word you can make. Sometimes there are more than one word with the letters so it's trickier than you might think. The words get longer as you go on. Difficulty Factor - 4. Enjoyment Factor - 4.
  • Crazy Quilts (unlocked at level 11) — A pretty tough one that is very hard, even for the older players. You see four different quilts (optical illusion-looking geometric shapes) rotated in different directions. Three of the four are the same but just at different angles - you have to figure out which one doesn't belong. Difficulty Factor - 5. Enjoyment Factor - 3.
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