Gift Island

Gift Island is another area that is exclusive for Moshi Members only. It features a lot of moving parts and animated graphics but there is just one building that you can enter and that is the Gift Shop.

You pick a present and send it to someone on your friends list. They will get a present box in their house and the gift will remain in their gift storage area. As of Jan. 24th, 2010, there are 17 different gifts that you can purchase. They are as follows…

  1. BFF (Best Friends Forever) - 260 ROX. It features two bunnies.
  2. Happy Birthday - 135 ROX. A Diavlo blows out a birthday cake.
  3. Kiss - 70 ROX. Sends a big, wet kiss to a friend.
  4. Look After Your Monster - 80 ROX. A good one to send to friends who are ignoring the care and healthy of their Moshis.
  5. Hope You're Feeling Better — 100 ROX.
  6. Sunshine — 65 ROX. The sun comes out and clears up all the rain.
  7. Thanks — 90 ROX. Six animated cards come out and spell the word thanks.
  8. Welcome — 40 ROX. Welcome banner to Mostro City (you get this one for free when you sign up and create a character but you can also send it to someone if you like).
  9. Slopped — 50 ROX. "You just got slopped" says the present.
  10. Monstar of the Week — 230 ROX. According to Monstar Magazine, your friend is now the Monstar of the week.
  11. Pie — 115 ROX. Chop Chop sends a pie in the face your direction.
  12. Congratulations — 110 ROX. Iggy and some of his Moshling pals offer you congratulations.
  13. You Rock — 125 ROX. A band of Moshlings serenade you and tell you that you rock.

Note - all of these gifts say that you need to be level 1 to send them. In the future, there may be certain levels attached to certain gifts.

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