All About Moshi Monsters

What is Moshi Monsters? is a social network/gaming site for children and adults alike. Unlike similar sites (such as Neopets or Club Penguin), Moshi is better suited for younger children (6-12). The site isn't huge but surprisingly addictive. Parents would be reassured to know that the site is very safe for children to use, and unlike some gaming sites, most of the games are 100 pct. educational in nature. And younger children (such as my 6 and 8 year olds) love it even while they're learning math, trivia, geography and much more.

What will this Wiki feature?

  • A complete guide to the site (the site isn't big but our guide will make sure you aren't missing anything). You might try starting on our all-about-moshi-monsters page or the site-map page.
  • Hints and cheats to help you earn the most Rox for your character
  • The most detailed guide to raising Moshlings (pets for your Moshi monster) anywhere on the Web. We'll tell you how to even try to get the ultra-rare Moshlings.
  • An incredibly thorough listing of some of the hundreds (thousands?) of items you can get for your monsters and house. Go to the stores-and-items page to see 18 different links of lists of types of items.
  • Comparisons between the free version of the site and the benefits of becoming a Moshi Member ($6 USA a month)
  • And all the latest news/previews of new site updates and content to come
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